Fangamer Gets it Right Again

kitty in boxI love getting new awesome stuff in the mail. This is an especially awesome experience when you had preordered something months ago and had kind of forgotten about it and then it just kind of shows up. In the May and June months of this year Fan Gamer started takign preorders on some new merch of theirs that would center around a new game series for them, Metal Gear Solid. This merch includes a really phenomenal t-shirt, a messenger bag and a set of pins inspiried by MGS. I ordered myself a t-shirt and a bag a few months back and just a week ago I got my shiny new stuff. As you can see my cat helped me unpack the box, by putting her butt in it.

mgs bagThe messenger back is pretty fantastic. It’s made of some nice thick material and has a ton of pockets for all of the miscellaneous electronic crap I carry with me on a daily basis. The embroidered Special Forces logo on the top flap is fantastic and makes me smile every morning when I pick the bag up to head to work. If you are not partial to the olive green that I chose you can also get this fine product in black. I’m so over black bags, military green makes me look much more badass.

img_15581The t-shirt is among the most comfortable t-shirts I own. I believe the company Fan Gamer uses for all of it’s shirts is American Apparel (be warned the site for them is a bit NSFW. They went all Abercrombie on that shit). The shirts are cut in a bit more of an athletic vein so the typical men’s small fits me pretty well, if not a little long. It’s got such a great logo on the front and comes in a variety of spiffy colors. Each of these items also came with a dog tag which is a pretty nifty inclusion in the package.

I honestly can’t say enough nice things about Fan Gamer. Their merch, while unoffical, is fantastic. They mostly stock Earthbound branded merch but you can also find these neat MGS items and there is a Chrono Trigger inspired t-shirt hidden away on their site as well. If you love any of these franchises boogie over to the Fan Gamer site and order yourself something awesome. In the words of Arnold, “Do it now!!!”.

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