Batman Comic: Spotlight

There are many people connected to the Batman that casual fans wont know or at least do not know much about. I am going to try to fix that.

James Gordon: Commissioner Gordon started as a Lieutenant Gordon in Gotham city the same year that Bruce Wayne came back from his long journey around the world to develop the skills he needed to be Batman. Gordon immediately rubbed the other Gotham cops the wrong way because he wasn’t corrupt. The police in Gotham, when he joined the force, were worse than the criminals and Gordon refused to go along with it. To make an example of him, a bunch of crooked cops ganged up on him after work and beat him to hell. Gordon, knowing he had to deal with the problem on his own, found the leader of the gang that beat him. The guy Gordon was fighting was a former Navy Seal, at least ten years younger, and almost a head taller. Gordon beat him unconscious and left him handcuffed in the woods, wearing only his underwear. Gordon moved from being a cop on the outside to the Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department. Along the way he has helped Batman further his war on crime. He has dealt with Batman’s villains and proved that a good person, no matter what is put in his way, can remain good.


Barbara Gordon: James’s daughter, Barbara Gordon was just the commissioner’s daughter until she decided to help her father’s work. She did so not by joining the police force, but by becoming Batgirl. The first female addition to the Batfamily, she joined the dark knight’s war on crime using her fists. Unfortunately the Joker destroyed any hope to continue that career. Joker showed up at her door dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shot her. The bullet went through her spine and paralyzed her. She was confined to a wheel chair, but refused to let it stop her. She became the Oracle and used brilliant computer skills to give Batman and the whole Batfamily all the information they would ever need. As Batgirl she proved that she could fight with the big boys, but as the Oracle she made Batman into an even more effective crime fighter than he had ever been.

Bane: Bane may have been turned into just another muscle bound villain for Batman to take down, but his first tangle with Batman made him a legend. Bane caused a breakout at Arkham and forced Batman to take down all of the villains and crazies that had escaped. Batman had to push himself past his limits in order to bring all the inmates back but he succeed. In his victory, Batman had fallen into Bane’s trap. Bane attacked the tired Batman and, in a shocking comic moment, broke the Batman’s back and threw him off a building to die. Although Batman would have people replace him while he healed, and eventually come back to defeat Bane, Bane had proved to be a ruthless and legendary enemy that Bruce would never forget.

Harley Quinn: My personal favorite villainess, Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist. The Joker’s psychiatrist to be exact. Instead of her curing Joker, the Joker managed to make her as crazy as he is. She became obsessed with Joker and fell in love with him. She will do anything for him, no matter who she has to hurt or kill. She is dressed like a Harlequin clown and uses her amazing gymnastics skills to fight with the best. That and the many, many guns and explosives she always seems to have. She started as a character on the animated series but was so popular she was included in the comics. Thank God because that means more Harley.

Edward Nigma: E. Nigma (get it?) is better known as the Riddler to many Batman fans. He is an interesting villain because his intense desire to be the smartest is what gets him caught by the Dark Knight. Riddler is so arrogant that he cant help but leave clues for Batman to find. He believes his clues are too hard for anyone to figure out, but he is proven wrong every time by the world’s greatest detective. The reason he is important in the Batman universe is that he is one of the few people who know that Bruce Wayne is the Batman. After coming back from a near death experience Edward had an epiphany and figured out the greatest riddle in the world. The reason that Riddler did not tell every person who hates Batman is also tied to his immense ego. A riddle that everyone knows the answer to is not worth knowing at all.

Joker… I will handle Joker and his relationship tomorrow, in the final Batman Comics article.

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