OCP: What Would YOU Like To Drink?


We’ve set up an interview with OCP at PAX for next week. These folks have made it their duty to bring fictional products to life for consumption by geeks and nerds like us throughout America. If you’ve seen the movie Idiocracy in which Mike Judge (Beavis & Butt-Head) foretells a horrific future where idiots have taken over the Earth, you’ll remember that they like to water their crops with a Gatorade-like drink named Brawndo. It was the stuff of dreams until OCP made it real. Fans of Anchorman (Dodgeball is better) will remember his cologne: Sex Panther. OCP make that too. Most recently they started making the synthetic drinkable blood from True Blood out of tasty blood oranges.


So we’re going to ask them about some products we’d like to see them make. Most likely they’ve thought of them already and there will be reasons (licensing, sanity) why they haven’t been produced yet, but we want to gauge their reactions and hey, some of them they might not have thought of. We need your help dear readers to give us a sizable list. I’d suggest something you can eat, drink or spray on yourself as that seems to be their MO right now.


I’d like to see them do that baby-food stuff Robocop eats (they take their name Omni-Consumer Products from that movie incidentally) I’m sure my daughter would love it. Duff Beer obviously. Pawtucket Ale from Family Guy. Butterbeer from Harry Potter almost seems likely. But most of all, I want to taste Slurm from Futurama.


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