Win a copy of ‘Shatter’ for PSN


We’re taking a leaf out of GamerDork’s book this week and dividing our show into two. The first is up at the normal time frame (Saturday morning) and is a very entertaining pre-PAX discussion with Chris O Regan of Superhappyfuntimeshow. The second is the first of a new series tentatively titled Game Club, where Tony and I talk only about what games we’ve been playing.That will be out late Tuesday.

For the first episode it’s Shadow Complex and Trials HD, which we’ve played to death respectively. We’ll also be talking about the Breakout evolution style game on the PSN: Shatter. We have a code to give away to our PS3 owning Twitter followers  so one lucky listener will get to own that for free. Simply Twitter this.

@Digitalcowboys Game Club coming soon!

We’ll pick a post at random and that person will be mentioned on the show and sent their code immediately afterward. I’ve been playing it this evening and I can tell you that it’s not at all the sort of game I’d usually buy, (frantic arcade paddle-blitzing) but for that very reason it’s really different and fun.

Get Twittering.

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