World of Workout: Week Three and Reactions

kettlebellThree weeks, and about 8 pounds down!  This past week was a rough one, and not just because I was on vacation and prone to extreme laziness.  There were some distractions that kept me from working out as much as previous weeks, but I did manage to get at least an hour in every day, and quite a few pushups.

Nothing new happened with my workout, but I am considering changing up the pushups a bit and adding things like kettlebell swinging, burpees, freeweights or anything (suggestions welcome).  I did try to actually limit myself to an hour per day of biking, and I did less walking so as to not destroy my knee.  Even so, with eight pounds down in three weeks, I’m well on my way to my goal of losing 30 pounds in six months.  I’m sitting pretty at level 30 in WoW, and we’ve got a regular group of about five people in the Sweaty Nerds guild now.

Since I was on vacation and feeling super lazy this week, I didn’t do too much in the realm of daily updates.  And those charts I promised?  Not happening with only three weeks worth of data.  Check back next week.  What can I say?  This much exercise makes me tired.  What I will provide is a recap of my workout rules for those just joining us.

Rules Recap:

I’m going to be weighing myself each day after my morning shower.

I’m going to add pushups to the routine: ten five knuckle pushups at the character select screen, ten five pushups each time a quest is completed and ten five knuckle pushups when I log off.

My goal is one full, uninterrupted hour of WoW/biking per day.  I may not be able to play a full session every day, but since I also have an exercise bike at work, (and WoW installed on a tablet PC) I’ll try to at least get in some time on my lunch hour and some time spinning my peddles.

I’m going to be also charting steps with a pedometer and my character’s level, and a short writeup of my gaming experiences.

So, week three has come and gone.  Here are my daily writeups.  You can also follow my progress via my Twitter account:

Day One – 8/17/2009

Weigh in – 213.2 lbs. | 50 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 5485 Steps | Character Level :25

Back on the bike, and had no pain in the knee.  I’m going to take it easy again, so I did two 30-minute sets.  Did lots of low-level quests, so had to do lots of pushups.  Helping the wife make a character, too.

Day Two – 8/18/2009

Weigh in – 211.4 lbs. | 30 Pushups | 65 Min Biking | 7658 Steps | Character Level :25

Again stuck with the low-level quests to give myself a challenge with the pushups.  Mainly stuck with exploring new places on the bike.  Also got to play with some of the regular listeners of the podcast, so that was cool.

Day Three – 8/19/2009

Weigh in – 211.6 lbs. | 25 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 2310  Steps | Character Level :27

Forgot to put pedometer on until after lunch (I’m on vacation, so steps will be way lower than usual anyway).  Goal was to hit level 27, and I just barely did it.  I’m smart enough to wear hats now.  Yay!

Day Four – 8/20/2009

Weigh in – 211.8 lbs. | 30 Pushups | 75 Min Biking | N/A  Steps | Character Level :27

Forgot to write down pedometer steps today, apparently.  I have a good excuse, though.  I was pretty smashed at the time, due to hanging out with the mistresses in charge of the site and recording for Some Other Podcast.  Today was the perfect geek day, though.

Wake up.

Eat pancakes while watching Mythbusters.

Play WoW with the wife.

Burn some geek music CDs.

Get lunch.

Get booze.

Listen to geek music while driving to hang out with gamer girls and record gaming podcast.

Consume booze and pizza.

Watch horrible videogame movie.

Go home to bed.

Day Five – 8/21/2009

Weigh in – 212.8 lbs. | 40 Pushups | 65 Min Biking | 4249  Steps | Character Level :28

One pound heavier after the booze and pizza binge.  Not surprised, but it was worth it.  I ran my wife through Ragefire Cavern and we had a blast.  Apparently even monsters that are half your level can kill you if you’re distracted by something like pedaling an exercise bike.  Also, noticing again that I pedal really fast when my health bar is running low and I’m running away from certain death.

Day Six – 8/22/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 65 Pushups | 90 Min Biking | 2914  Steps | Character Level :29

Switched to a nicer pedometer that doesn’t cut into my skin.  It seems to be a little less sensitive, so I’m probably getting more accurate readings now.  Hit level 29, and also encountered my first target of /ignore.  I’m actually kind of surprised that it took this long to discover a griefer.  Roleplaying servers seem to cater to a different type of player.

Day Seven – 8/23/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 20 Pushups | 90 Min Biking | 3157  Steps | Character Level :30

Finished up a great week.  Finally hit level 30, but didn’t notice anything special.  I guess I’m fighting more dudes.  Looks like levels are going to start taking a LONG time to gain now.  I’m sore as hell, but don’t look like the man I was when I started.  World of Workout has so far been a great success.

Final Thoughts

The guild tabard and guild name are starting to get a little bit of attention.  I ran into a couple of people who commented on them, and got at least one new reader for the site.

A passerby who got extremely excited by the World of Workout program.

A passerby who got extremely excited by the World of Workout program.

It appears that I have a fan.  Does this make me INTERNET FAMOUS???!!!!

It appears that I have a fan. Does this make me INTERNET FAMOUS???!!!!

Step one: Admitting that you have a problem.

Step one: Admitting that you have a problem.

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