Some Other Podcast, Episode 25: Professor Layton and the Sack of Oranges

That Layton character is not to be trusted.  Something is definitely hidden in his gigantic hat.   This is pure, uncut Some Other Castle goodness down to its very core; if you are offended by diversions into completely unrelated territory, well…. you probably aren’t listening to us anyway, so I probably don’t have to warn you. Anyway, this week covers everything from price drops to zombie clowns to Mortal Kombat drinking games, so tune in!

Links o’ goodness!

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Halo 3

World of Warcraft

Persona 3

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Mortal Kombat: The Movie

360 price drops in effect now; Pro being phased out

Water being added to Little Big Planet; beta testing now

New WoW expansion coming in 2010

Monk class announced for Diablo 3; NOT coming in 2010

No new content coming for Battlefield 1943

Pinnacle Station: new Mass Effect DLC

Wii Sports Resort sells 1 million copies in the US alone…. IN ONE MONTH

Peggle Nights coming to XBLA

Left 4 Dead 2 playable at PAX; Elaine attempting to make friends with Valve

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