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What’s up Platform Nation community.  I just wanted to let you in on what I seen and learned about the upcoming Need for Speed Shift at an event I just attended in NYC.  First off I want to say when it come to the venue EA pulls out all the stops and does provide a comfortable environment and makes sure your are well fed and have enough to drink.  I know you are not here to hear me talk about what the venue was, but EA really did not provide much information about the upcoming game.  We where only provided with the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming game and booth babes, yes I forgot to add the part about the booth babes.  I was unable to obtain information about DLC for Need for Speed Shift as we all know EA is good for releasing a game and then releasing needed DLC around the same time as the game being released. We didn’t even receive assets for Need for Speed Shift.

Now for the hands on demo portion of the game.  If you have never played a racing game you will be able to pick up the controller right away and go to town so to say.  The controls are tight and very responsive, the look of the game actually looks if you are in the drivers seat and going fast, really fast.  I loved the visual aspect when you would hit a wall or even a fellow racer, your screen would go slightly fuzzy as if you just had your bell rung in a car crash.  We did not have the opportunity to go into vehicle customization or any of the advanced controls of the game, but what I did see I was very impressed.

My final opinion on the hands on.  I can’t wait for the demo to be released and hopefully see what else Need for Speed Shift has to offer for the race car fan.  I enjoyed the game and I am not a racing fan and have not played many games in the genre, but I will be sure to look into this one further.

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    Thanks for posting this. I’m glad you had a chance to play with the new upcoming NFS Shift game. To receive more news about Shift, go to for new updates.