PS3 Slim: Eco-friendly?

The PS3 slim is here at last, and Sony can only sit back and pray that their share of the game console market can be reclaimed this holiday season. Sony has clearly put a lot of work into their new product, and they’re touting every little hardware improvement as a major buying point.

It was interesting to note that the Slim is supposedly 34% more power efficient than it’s bigger, shinier counterpart. Since eco-friendliness seems to be all the rage today, you can;t blame Sony for trying. However,’s gadget blog decided to put this claim to the test, and what they found is staggering: the PS3 Slim is between 50-70% more efficient than an original 60 GB PS3 (which, for the record, uses as much power as a 50-inch plasma screen TV.)

Despite this boost in efficiency, it’s worth noting that the Slim still usues much more power than a standard Blu-ray player. So, if your electricity bill has been mind-numbing as of late, use it as an excuse to get a PS3 Slim.

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