Fear Not The Weapon But The Hand That Wields It, Ninja Assassin


I just saw the trailer for this movie last night in the previews for The Final Destination and I can’t wait till this movie comes out!  This is a story of a boy, Raizo, who was trained and raised from a young age to be an assassin in the Ozunu Clan.  This Clan, only said to exist in myth, betrays Raizo by killing his friend and so he vanishes from the Clan and plans his revenge.  With awesome Ninja action, this movie looks like it’s going to be a hit in the Action genre.

Ninja Assassin is being produced by Warner Brothers Studios and is set to release November 25, 2009.  View the awesome trailer on the Official Site.

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  • i always regard the movie ninja assasin one of the best action films, -`-