Wii Fit Plus Dated, Priced

Now that Wii MotionPlus has fine-tuned the capabilities of Nintendo’s flagship system, some of the most popular games on the console are also getting some impressive updates. The most recent of these is Wii Fit Plus, which will be available October 4th in two different SKUs, according to Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. Kotaku is reporting that an all-inclusive bundle with the game disc and balance board will be available for $100, while a stand-alone disc will be available for $20 (for those who already have the needed hardware.)  Wii Fit Plus is an update of the original game, according to Nintendo,  the game:

Offers new exercises, yoga activities, and balance games designed to keep workouts fun. For the first time, users can customize their workouts to target specific areas of their bodies or to fill specific intervals of time.

Personally, I think it’s rather considerate of Nintendo to offer the $20 version; rather than screw over die-hard Wii Fit fans into buying another balance board, the brass at Nintendo have realized that they’ll sell more copies by offering up the improved game for a reasonable price.

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