Archive | September, 2009

Monster Energy Drink Details MW2 DLC

Infinity Ward and Monster Energy Drinks have partnered up for yet another soda/game crossover marketing campaign.  Throughout the next month, grocery store shoppers will be able to pick up specially themed Modern Warfare 2 energy drinks.  Each six pack will include a chance to win various game-related prizes, including copies of Modern Warfare 2. What’s […]

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The Making of ODST’s Live Action Commercial

To build hype for Halo 3, Bungie enlisted the help of science fiction filmmaker Neill Blomkamp and legendary director Peter Jackson to make a series of live-action short videos leading up to the game’s opening cutscene. With the release of ODST, the game developers again decided to market the game with a live-action commercial.  The […]

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Writing On The Run

This is the new (Rumoured) Microsoft Courier it seems to be an amazing piece of technology for anyone looking for the good old note book killer but functionality and portability of the net book. Writers of game blogs or any one in a creative field should be excited for this new technology on the horizon. […]

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