Bat Week Summary

Bat Week marked a brave expedition for the guys and gals of Platform Nation. We all chipped in together and wrote one week of solid articles based around the caped crusader? Why? Well maybe we just felt like it, maybe we wanted a job at DC Comics or maybe we just got bored. If you want the real reason, it’s because Arkham Asylum was launched in the same week, we shall have a review of that Bat-gem up later this week. So, in case you missed the who-ha, the Bat-gossip or you’ve been living under a rock or a Batcave for a week, here’s what you missed.

(Bat Week Specials) Games That Nobody Plays Anymore

Batman Begins –

LEGO Batman –

Mortal Kombat versus DC –

An Insight Into The Batman Comics

Where It All Began –

Batman Needs A Robin –

A Death In The Family –

Batman Is Dead –

There Is A New Batman In Town –

Spotlight –

A Pair Made In Hell –

Batman Film Reviews

Batman Film Review –

Batman Returns Review –

Batman Forever Review –

Batman and Robin Review –

Batman Continues Webcomic/ Webcomics

Batman Continues 1# Riddlefail –

Batman Continues 2# Potter Fans Only –

Batman Continues 3# Brokeback Batman –

I’m Batman Webcomic –

Some special thanks: Bobby Gonzalez for his brilliant, A*, five stars, ten out of ten insightful series into the Batman comics. Even I learned a thing or two! Special thanks to Steve for letting us ruin the site (joke), Juan Houter for drawing the web-comic and the Platform Nation Bat Week logo and to everyone else who joined in on the fun. We hope you had a good week, and a good look into the Batman universe. Next week: Hat Week!

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