Borderlands: Guns, Guns, And More Guns!


I would write something inspiring and informative about Borderlands, the new game from Gearbox and 2K Games, but I think those best qualified for the task are the people responsible for the game.

Borderlands™ sends up to four co-op players to the harsh frontier planet Pandora in search of a mysterious Alien Vault legend. Featuring a unique First Person Roleplaying Shooter gameplay, you’ll customize your character as you explore and battle enemies in frantic FPS combat. And what would a Roleplaying Shooter be without loot?

Borderlands’™ groundbreaking content generation system creates a near-endless variety of weapon and items to customize your character! Players can join and leave other players’ games at any time, or choose to face the challenges of Borderlands™ alone. All these features combine with a deep, rich fiction and a bold art style to create a breathtaking experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters…

Playing as one of four vault hunters on the Mad Max-like world of Pandora, you’re on a quest for the mysterious vault containing stores of alien technology. Still, you’re not the only ones with lofty ambitions. Find the vault for yourself, kill anyone who gets in your way.

Borderlands will be available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 2oth.

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  • ZED

    This looks to be like an epically awesome game. The art style of the game looks phenomenal, 4 co-op just adds to madness and fun that you’ll have and the however many gun combination’s means that if you get sick of your gun, try a new, then another, then another and so on.

    This is on my pre-orders list!

  • I can’t wait to play this game

  • This will be an amazing game, for those of you interested, don’t forget to checkout the forums!