Stop Worrying About Disney/Marvel


The internet is a great place to panic and over-react to just about any announcement, no matter how mundane. So when a huge announcement happens, one that no one sees coming, it means that lots of people are going to panic and over-react a whole lot. The reactions to the big news that Disney bought Marvel were great.

“Now all the comics are going to be kiddyfied!”
“If I see Mickey and Wolverine fight I am boycotting!”
“No more Punisher!”
“The games and movies might get cancelled!”
“I can’t believe it is going to be Disney comics!”

All of that is possible, I guess. I mean if Disney decided to buy Marvel only to alienate it’s entire fan base and ruin Marvel’s worth, then yes I would agree with those reactions.

But look at Disney’s track record with purchasing other companies. A few years ago Disney bought Pixar. People freaked out at that news as well. How was Disney going to mess up and dumb down the amazing Pixar?!?!?! Well the answer is, they didn’t. In fact since that purchase Pixar has made WallE and Up, two of my personal favorites and two of Pixar’s more adventurous pieces of work. Disney knew they were buying an amazing animation studio and did not meddle with them. They made Pixar a more formidable company. Pixar’s creative talent and technique combined with Disney’s money and power and has been great for both companies.

Some of you might be saying that Pixar is another company aimed at kids, so it fits better with Disney than Marvel will. Well Disney also owns the company Miramax. Again, when that happened people thought it was the end of the Miramax they knew. No more serious or R rated movie! Disney bought Miramax in 1993 and here are some movies that definetly aren’t family friendly since then.

Pulp Fiction
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Gangs of New York
Both Kill Bills
Gone Baby Gone
No Country for Old Men
There Will be Blood

Now if Disney will let Miramax come out with a movie where a woman decapitates, amputates, murders, and maims lots and lots of people and another movie where the focus is on whether or not a priest molested a small boy, then I don’t think they will take Punisher off the shelves next week.

Disney also owns ABC and ESPN. I did not know that before yesterday and I bet lots of people did not know they owned all of these companies. That should put many of your fears to rest. Disney has proven that they have a light touch with the different companies that they own. They know how to put their full force behind a company while making sure it stays true to itself.

Disney’s track record should calm the flames of panicking Marvel fans, but I doubt it will for everyone. So lets look at the details of this specific merger. The person that is in charge of Marvel now, Ike Perlmutter, is still in charge of Marvel under Disney. Disney is going to honor whatever deals Marvel currently has with other companies, but will decide what to do with them as those deals expire (I wish they would just stomp on Fox.) Marvel will remain Marvel comics, no name change is coming.

So kiddos, Disney/Marvel is not the end of the Marvel Universe as you know it. Disney can make Marvel better than it is today. Disney can market characters better than anyone else. They are already powerful in areas where Marvel struggles, like television. They have proven they know how to buy a brand and keep it separate from Disney, while at the same time making it grow and become better. Disney and Marvel may seem like a weird combination now, but I am convinced that this merger will be good for Disney, Marvel, and the true believers out there.

P.S. Pixar and Marvel have already been in talks about all of the different work they can do together. Even if everything I said is 100% wrong (which it isn’t) then a Marvel/Pixar movie would still make it all worth it!!!

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