Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Kane and Lynch

Kane and Lynch head

IO Interactive. Pioneer of drama, complex adult themes, a broad sense of the industry and a portfolio of games that any developer can only wish to create. They are responsible for the Hitman series, Freedom Fighters, (coming in a few weeks) Mini Ninjas and… Kane and Lynch. Hype surrounded this game, previews showed promise – it was being dubbed as ‘Hitman meets Freedom Fighters’. When the reviews came rushing in however, all was not well. I still had the mindset that it was going to be a great game, maybe nothing as good as Hitman… boy was I let down.

Kane and Lynch tells the story of (surprise) Kane and Lynch. Two criminals on death row, but when they are rescued  on transit to the slaughterhouse, it all becomes a blur. In all honesty, I have to skim Wikipedia just to get the jist of the story. Apparently his rescuers want revenge on him, and task him with finding some money that he stole from a bank or something or they’ll kill his wife and daughter. Everything that IO is famous for: it’s rich details, the brilliantly done adult themes and it’s flavorful characters… it’s all gone. It’s just a blur, just a mess.

Kane and Lynch screen 1

Want more reasons to not buy this game? Or even consider it? The guns. There’s barely any variety, none of them pack a punch and the accuracy/recoil is horrible on everything. You can’t really fire in short bursts because one shot throws your reticule off the screen and half-way to China. There’s no real structure to anything really, environments simply pass and go and you’ll be done with this game in less than four hours. It feels like IO watched Heat, Reservoir Dogs and other heist flicks, but didn’t quite grasp the adrenaline of ‘running from the law’.

Multiplayer… okay I will actually admit is a pretty smart addition. There’s only one mode called Fragile Alliance in which you control one guy in a group of dudes who hold a heist at a bank, you can collect all the money and get out of there with your buddies or you can play dirty. You can kill one of the other players and become a traitor, a mercenary within a mercenary group (of sorts). If you die at any point, you become the police. It’s a fairly smart and nicely done mode, and maybe a reason to rent this thing. Other than that, there’s a reason why this is a game that nobody plays anymore.

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