Wii Internet Channel Now Free


That’s right you can now download the web browser for your Nintendo Wii for free.  The download that runs on the Opera web browser at one time cost 500 points to download.  If you where one of those people that bought the Internet Channel don’t have your arms in the air saying you spent 500 points on something that is now free, because Nintendo is going to allow anyone that bought the Internet Channel prior to yesterday a free NES game of their choice from their catalog until the end of October.  Not a bad deal and talk about standing behind their product.  I have bought many things in the past on other consoles only for them to go on sale in a week or less sometimes for half price and never see my virtual bucks again.  So for this I salute you Nintendo, and thanks for giving a little something back to the consumer.

I have in fact downloaded the Internet Channel and no it is nothing fancy, but it does run smooth and I have found another use for my Wii.  Not that this feature will ensure I turn my Wii on just to use the web browser, but it’s nice to know it’s there and best of all it’s free.

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