World of Workout: Week Four and The Buffening

muscle-774348Well, I’ve been at this for a month.  I’ve killed some boars, shed about ten pounds, made some friends and then killed some more boars.  We’ve got a fairly sizable guild playing and working out just about every night now.  The Nerd Ninja army is growing.

Week four brought a few new changes to the gaming workout routine, but nothing huge.  I’ve worked two days off per week into my schedule because my body is a wuss and apparently doing 35 days of heavy pushups and cardio with only four days off is terrible for you.  I’m still planning on working some other pushup replacement into the rest of the week, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything yet.  So, Wednesdays and one switchable day each weekend will be my off days.

Awesome things from this week:  The muscle growth from all these pushups is utterly astounding.  I can totally wiggle my pecs now.  So if I had to stop the program right now, having fallen short of my goal, I’d still call this whole thing a huge success.  I’m wiggling my pecs even as I write this sentence.  And this one.  Yeah, who’s your daddy?

Downsides: I’m really, really sore.  I’ve been taking acetaminophen at night before bed, and trying to take things like potassium, zinc, calcium and all those other metals that your body generally needs and can’t get enough of.  Well, except potassium, because that stuff can totally kill you if you have too much.  I’m being serious here.  Anyway, I’m going back down to low resistance on the bike, and really trying to limit myself to an hour per day of both biking and World of Warcraft.  Oh, and there was that one day where I had food poisoning.

For those of you just tuning in, this whole thing is an exercise in lazy exercise.  I’ve pretty much just outfitted an exercise bike with a keyboard and mouse and play World of Warcraft while riding the bike, then do 5 pushups for each quest I’ve done plus ten just for playing each day.  However, it is having far better results than I had expected.  My original goal was to lose 30 pounds in six months, and I’m down about ten in just the first month.

Week five is going to be hardcore, though.  So far all of my changes have been exercise-wise.  Next week brings the diet changes.  Expect me to be very cranky.

Follow my daily whining and posting on my Twitter account, or join me in-game on the Sentinels server.  I’m a hot, skinny elf chick with pink hair, just like in real life.

We run in a guild called the Sweaty Nerds.  I have two rules.

One:  You must be engaging in SOME kind of exercise along with your game playing.  I don’t care what it is, but do something other than sit on your butt.

Two:  Don’t be a dick.

So, here’s a wrap-up of week 4:

Day One – 8/24/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 60 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 8904 Steps | Character Level :30

Did a bunch of low-level quests because I was playing with some low-level members of the Sweaty Nerds guild.  Handled the pushups pretty well.  Went for a long walk with the wife afterwards.  Great start to the week.

Day Two – 8/25/2009

Weigh in – 212.0 lbs. | 0 Pushups | 0 Min Biking | 6678 Steps | Character Level :30

Had some kind of horrendous stomach virus or food poisoning or something.  Could barely stand, and spend most of the night worshiping the porcelain idol.

Day Three – 8/26/2009

Weigh in – 210.0 lbs. | 25 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 6987 Steps | Character Level :30

Feeling much better today!  Took it easy as I was still recovering from whatever the heck I had yesterday.  Haven’t played much this week, and haven’t leveled up in a while.  Still doing low-level quests and fishing and mining.  The biking is getting easier, and I’ve started turning the resistance up to max.

Day Four – 8/27/2009

Weigh in – 210.6 lbs. | 20 Pushups | 50 Min Biking | 10555 Steps | Character Level :31

Finally leveled up.  Couldn’t finish the hour tonight.  That’s only the second time that’s happened.  Perhaps I’m still weak from Tuesday.  Will take another day off tomorrow so as to not die.  I did manage to go for a long, relaxed walk after the biking.

Day Five – 8/28/2009

Weigh in – 212.6 lbs. | 0  Pushups | 0 Min Biking | 8207 Steps | Character Level :31

Today was crazy at work, and I’m glad I took today as an off day for biking.  I will be back to full strength for the weekend and will do extended workouts then.  Not much time to play, anyway.

Day Six – 8/29/2009

Weigh in – 210.8 lbs. | 40  Pushups | 120 Min Biking | 2483 Steps | Character Level :32

Did two, one-hour sets today.  One in the morning, one at night.  It was very hot out, so I didn’t do any walking.  I’m feeling great after the workout today.  Explored Arathi Highlands (which is basically Jurassic Park) and had a lot of fun.

Day Seven – 8/30/2009

Weigh in – 212.6 lbs. | 50  Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 6438 Steps | Character Level :33

Did my first Battlegrounds session today.  Totally awesome.  Horde is outnumbered 70% – 30% on this server, so there’s pretty much no way to win, but it was fun.  I made two kills on characters about five levels higher than me.  Noticing an increase in my weight and decrease in my energy after a big pizza binge last night.  Made a commitment with the wife to stop eating out so much and to start making more of our own food.  It should make a difference in my WoWo, too.

So that was week 4.  These weight loss things aren’t complete without some pictures, right?  So, here’s me at the beginning, and me now.

The bloated man-beast one week before starting World of Workout.

The bloated man-beast one week before starting World of Workout.

This is the slightly-less bloated man-beast on Week 5, Day 2.  About ten pounds down.  The floral shirt was dirty.

This is the slightly-less bloated man-beast on Week 5, Day 2. About ten pounds down. The floral shirt was dirty.

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