Some Other Podcast, Episode 26: How We Roll

This month marks six months, or one half of one year, that we have been podcasting for your amusement.  Have people really been listening to us for that long?  Yes!  And we love you!  Anyway, we both have kind of boring gaming habits this week and we are exhausted, but we make up for it by getting all rambly on lots of listener mail.  There’s also some chat about mergers with ridiculous numbers attached, the Septembermas that stole our wallets, and system colors we wish had happened sooner.  Or, you know, at all.


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Halo 3

World of Warcraft

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

PS3 slim (120 gig)

Disney buys Marvel for four billion dollars; yes, billion, with a B

GTA “Hot Coffee” class-action lawsuit settles for 20 million dollars

Special Edition SFIV Fightstick at PAX; Elaine’s wallet cries out in pain

360 price drop causes a 43% sales increase in the UK

Pink and white DSi models releasing in the US on 9/13; Leah curses being an early adopter

Nintendo releasing black remote/motion plus combo for the holidays; black system is Japan-only

Shadow Complex breaks XBLA sales records by selling 200,000 copies

Lego Rock Band possibly to be exportable

Katamari Forever receives date of 9/22, now known as Some Other Castle Goes Broke Day

God of War Collection for PS3 scheduled for the holiday season

Like hugs?  How about asking questions?  I think we can do business.  Send things to [email protected], and we will answer them.  Promise!

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