Space Bust A Move Review

Game Review: Space Bust-A-Move
Release: July 28, 2009
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Taito
Available Platforms: Nintendo DS
Players: 2-4 players
MSRP: $19.99
ESRB Rating: E

It’s Bust A Move (or Puzzle Bobble for everyone outside of the US) for the Nintendo DS. This game has been around since 1994. It hasn’t changed much, there is an inclusion of power ups, and local and Internet matches; but the game itself is still the same.


There is a pre-arranged set of bubbles at the top of the game field, and at the bottom is the Dynamic Duo Bub and Bob (not these guys) with a magic pointing machine that fires bubbles up at the cluster in efforts to pop 3 or more matching colors. Bonus points are awarded for dropping attached bubbles instead of popping them. As time progresses the top wall of the rectangle pushes the bubbles down a row until they reach the player The game is over when a bubble crosses the line.

This time around, they wrap a story involving a Princess, and Cosmo Bubbles around their tried and true formula. There are opportunities to buy fancy upgrades, and different characters, but the gameplay itself is still the same. The levels are broken up into worlds; each world is broken up into 3 sections with a Boss battle at the end of each world. Each of those three sections are broken up into 5 stages.


Something that I didn’t like was if one loses a stage, they would have to start from stage 1. It is very frustrating to make it to stage 5, lose, and then start all the way from stage one. I felt the pointer could have been a little more responsive; it could have been done on purpose, but I felt the pointer didn’t move as fast as it should. I was also disappointed in the games limited use of the top screen. I understand Taito might have wanted to avoid using a Gimmick, but I still felt a generic screen is a waste of screen space also.

Final say: all in all, if you need your Bust-A-Move fix, and you don’t have it on ANY other system… this is a good way to feed your addiction.

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