Final Fantasy Has A Japanese Release Date. America Soon To Follow?

__final_fantasy_xiiiIt appears that the Japanese version Final Fantasy XIII has a release date: December 17th.


Although this is still unconfirmed, the information seems pretty solid. Hopefully Square-Enix won’t be too much longer in announcing the official American release date.

As a topic for discussion–discussion, not arguments, mind you–for which system do you plan on purchasing Final Fantasy XIII ? I am really quite torn since I just picked up a “slim” PS3 last week. On the one hand, the PlayStation 3 will give us crisp graphics on a single Blu-ray disc, on the console which Final Fantasys are normally found–albeit a new generation. On the other hand, the series many of us have followed for decades will be, for the first time ever, hosted on an Xbox 360, achievement points included…not to mention the slight sense of nostalgia that comes from having to change discs part-way through the immense story. So, what do the rest of you think?

Via Kotaku

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