The Beatles Rock Band Review


Game Review:  The Beatles Rock Band
Release: Sept. 9th, 2009
Genre:  Music Rhythm Game
Developer:  Harmonix
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii
Players:  1-6
MSRP: Standalone Software: $59.99 Limited Edition Bundle: $249.99
ESRB Rating: T for “Teen” (mild lyrics, tobacco references)

Arguably, the most famous band of all time finally hits the music video game genera via Harmonix and Rock Band.  Follow the lives, and progression of the fab four as you play through the many stages in both the life and musical career of this great band.


Anyone who has either played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, which is about everyone, knows what to expect in this rhythm based game. Two guitars, a drum, and up to four vocal tracks make up how you can play The Beatles Rock Band, yup that’s four vocal tracks, one for main vocals, three for background harmonies..Beatles style. Difficulty settings are Rock band standard from easy setting, to expert. All the standard modes of both single and multiplayer from Rock band 2 are here only with The Beatles skin over it.

If you ask me what’s great about this game, Id slap the taste out of your mouth. The only way a person could say they never heard at least one Beatle song in their life that they liked, would be if they were deaf. I found myself smiling the whole time from the sheer amazement of how many of these songs I actually knew. Playing with my seven year old son was weird as he really got into the music as we played Beatles Rock Band, after we were done he asked me to fill his iPod up with Beatles tracks. Later that evening my wife’s grandmother came over while we were playing and she was singing along as I played, truly showing how timeless The Beatles really are.  The presentation for The Beatles Rock band is also amazing..and I mean Steve519 “AMAZING!”  It’s not a graphical evolution of any kind, it’s just that when Harmonix designed this game they showed the property a huge amount of respect. Songs have mini outtakes at the beginning, some which have never been heard, and the progression of the game really gives you a nice insight into the lives, and experiences that have cause The Beatles music to evolve over the years. Inside you will find tons of items to unlock, including video and audio out takes, and photographs enriching gamers into the Beatles history.  Although all of the standard fare in a Rock Band title is here, Harmonix has added some new features, some big and some minor, but all expanding on what was already solid game play. The biggest feature of course is the multiple vocal tracks allow for up to four players to sing along. The harmonies are just like the main vocal track showing both when and at what pitch you sing at. This feature is set up fairly well and if you can find some friends that can actually sing you can recreate harmonies that have been a staple in The Beatles sound. A minor improvement that I really like was a 3,2,1 countdown to continue a song after you had paused it. We have all had to pause a music song mid way through, and then when we get back to it the flow is all messed up because we don’t know which note is coming up. In Beatles Rock Band when you un-pause the game you get to see the screen followed by a 3,2,1 countdown, this helps in a big way to not have your song jacked up.


Final say: I wish I could find something bad to say, and maybe as a fan I am a little biased. I guess the only thing that could have done to improve the title is to give us the complete Beatles library, but in the end it will come as DLC which is for the better because, as is, all the hits are here and only the diehards will want everything else. Unlike previous Band only game title this one is rich in history, and in music that can still have its influences heard in bands today.  In an age where most of us trade our games,  it’s hard to find one that will keep you coming back to it, and this is one of those titles, The Beatles Rockband.

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