Halo ODST Live Trailer


Halo ODST is making it’s way to the Halo fan’s and to all gamers this month as the newest Halo installment is set to hit shelves September 22nd.  Here is a live action trailer for the upcoming game.  I am not a Halo fan but this trailer is truly impressive and I think I might just have to pick this one up, not just because of the trailer, but I guess I don’t want to miss the bandwagon on Bungie’s newest installment of their popular FPS.

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  • that trailer is amazing!

  • ZED

    I saw the trialer last night, very nice. But I think it would have been better if the name was ‘Recon’. At the end where it says ‘We are ODST’ that sounds weird, ‘We are Recon’ sounds better.