Jonathan Coulton Interview

OK, this was probably the best part of PAX for me, so I thought I’d get it up as soon as I could. I was incredibly honored to interview nerdcore superstar Jonathan Coulton, a man I had at that point only been listening to for two weeks. By the next evening after this interview, his involvement with the Harmonix Rock Band network panel and seeing him in concert (along with Paul and Storm, his stellar co-musicians) the guy had my damn heart in a vice.

So here we are, 2.30 on Friday afternoon, myself, Tony and the gushing but oh-so-controlled Edie Sellers interviewing Joco (or Mr Coulton as I addressed him at the time) and asking him about his music, the path he’s taken and where it might lead.

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To all our listeners, I can recommend going to iTunes or your favourite music provider and buying at least his greatest hits collection: Joco Looks Back. There’s a huge variety there and he will make you laugh and cry. You can also buy all his songs for download directly though him here.

Also check out Skullcrusher Mountain on the Rock Band Store and just this week RE: Your Brains. 80 MS points each. Paul & Storm are on there too with Opening Band. More on them later.

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