New Circle of Hell Open: Greed + Bonus Deal


It is now time to descend into another circle of Hell…

We started with Lust & Limbo

Then we got our fill with Gluttony

and now our journey has brought us to a new Circle: Greed !!!

greed in HD

To celebrate this momentous occasion, EA and GameStop are offering up an interesting deal. Anyone who pre-orders Dante’s Inferno TODAY (09/09/09) they will save $6.66 ! (We are dealing with Hell after all)

If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, this would be the best time to do it today !!! the offer doesn’t work if you go into an actual store, you have to do it through GameStop’s website. Don’t be afraid to get greedy and pre-order multiple copies.

To show how Greedy I’M feeling, I’m going to slip in exclusive art from this level available through the Team’s Facebook account. Enjoy !


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