PAX, Plague, and Shiny Things

PAX09I return from the great event that was PAX 2009.  I’ve got lots of stories to tell, lots of avatar t-shirt codes to give away, and a need for some massive cold meds.  I managed to avoid the evil H1N1 that struck at PAX but that didn’t keep me from getting a pretty horrible cold from the combination of lack of sleep and being around lots of people all day.  This didn’t stop me from returning from Seattle absolutely glowing with happiness.  PAX is by far and away the most incredible weekend for absolutely anything gaming.  I have never been this tired/sick and this happy all at the same time.

I have never been to a gathering that made me happier than PAX.  I had no idea how much I needed something like this until I was actually there.  This past weekend wasn’t about me seeing games so I could talk about them on a podcast and it wasn’t about me talking to developers.  What it was about is being around 60,000 people who share the same interests and who all have something to talk to one another about.  I made a ton of friends just waiting in line for panels and playing games on the show floor.  I have never been so happy to talk to strangers in my entire life (the stranger danger campaign scared me as a child).

I have a slew of pictures that will get posted over the next week once I recover from this evil plague I have.  For now just know that if you are on the fence about attending a PAX of any kind you should just do it.  Do it now.  Book your flight, train, hitching route, or family friend to drive you around.  Wil Wheaton probably summed this all up beset during his panel when he discussed how he really did feel at home at PAX.  This is what many of us want every day to be like but at least we can have our one or two weekends every year.

I’ll post more in the next few days about the games that I saw but know that little games like Shank and Deathspank should be on your radar.  You should also know that ODST and Left 4 Dead 2 are exactly what you are expecting them to be and if you aren’t playing Beatles Rock Band in between paragraphs of this post you are out of your damn mind.  Also, if you didn’t already know about it check out the card game Munchkins.  It was introduced to me at PAX and it’s awesome.   I can say with certainty though that these games are not the reason I came home from PAX so incredibly happy, it was instead all of the people I met and talked to over the course of the weekend.

I’m going to try and get my good friend Dan back on a short show this week to talk a bit about what we saw at the show (he was my man date for the weekend…..DIVORCE!).  Your regularly scheduled podcast will absolutely return next week and with it the reading and answering of all your wonderful listener mail.  Keep an eye on my twitter as well as the SOC twitter account for a way to win a PAX T-shirt or a Beatles T-shirt for your Xbox Live Avatar too!

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