The PAX Plague

panfluAs no doubt some of you would have heard, the PAX plague has become quite the reality in the Digital Cowboys camp. Early yesterday, the official PAX 2009 Twitter announced there had a confirmed case of Swine Flu so anyone feeling ill should consult their doctor or the NHS Helpline immediately. Unfortunately, it would appear our good friend and once co-host, Paul, who attended the event along with me, Alex and my wife Lizz has now been diagnosed with suspected swine flu. Also, Lizz and myself have now succumbed to what we think is just regular flu-like symptoms due to throwing ourselves 100% at the 5 day trip and are probably, in reality, suffering from exhaustion. As far as I’m aware, Alex is OK although he is also pretty exhausted due to an inability to sleep while away. With all that said, I would have not missed PAX 2009 even if I knew how I would feel when I returned. I hope that Paul has a speedy recovery and I’m taking the rest of the week off, which those who know me will be very shocked to hear.

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