Want To Attend A Need For Speed Shift Event In LA?


What’s up Platform Nation Community!  We have just received an invitation for our readers, yes that’s right our readers to attend a Need For Speed Shift Event in Hollywood CA.  The event was an awesome time when I attended the one in NYC last month and this event will be the same.  So if you would like to brag to your friends that you where able to attend this event, and get some hands on with Need For Speed Shift, leave us a comment below.  The LA event will take place September 17th from 5pm to 10pm, but you must let us know by September 16th as they will be checking names at the door and we want to make sure we get your name on the list.  One more thing you must be 18 years old to attend this event and we will email you the address of the event prior to the 17th.  So if you are interested let us know so we can get your name on the list!

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  • Daniella

    I’m interested, how can I be a part of this event?

  • You did all you have to do! If you want to attend I will email you the location.

  • Daniella

    sure, I would love to go.
    Do you know my email? will it be free to get inside?

  • Michael Tomanelli

    I’d love to go!

  • Bruce Martin

    Oh man I wanna go to this! What is the dress code?

  • I do have email addresses, it will be free to get in all you will need is your ID and as far as dress code I have always just worn jeans and a t-shirt as that is what 99% of what people wear. Be comfortable as the EA Staff will make you feel comfortable. Just one thing though, once attending the event please leave a comment on what you thought about NFS Shift.

  • Daniella

    Did you send us the invite? How does that work? Can I bring a friend with me?

    How long does the event last? What is it there to see inside?

    Thank you

  • To bring a friend just have them leave a post. The invites will go out over the weekend, the event is 5pm-10pm and you get to play NFS Shift.

  • Hey. I would like to go. I love need for speed!

  • Need for speed!

  • For all the readers signed up, your names have been submitted and placed on the list for the event. Just a reminder from the email I sent you the event has been moved to the 16th

  • Ruben Macias

    I would LOVE to attend. Thank you guys!

  • Alheli Rubio

    I would like to attend with my hubby. I am a gamer wife that loves to play video games! Thanks guys.

  • event was so cool! thx soooo mmuch!

  • Glad you had a good time!

  • I wrote a write up for my site also! Check it out!