Your PAX Questions


Greetings. It has been a week of relative silence from the Digital Cowboys and I think it’s time we spoke up. We just got back from The Penny Arcade Expo or PAX in Seattle, one of the biggest fan-events in the world for folks who love gaming of all kinds. We saw so much over the past few days it’s impossible to summarize. Over the next few days and indeed weeks, the effects of this are going to become obvious. We’ve got tons of hands-on info on unreleased games, interviews with developers and PR and accounts of what it’s like to just be there with 60,000 other like-minded people.

So in the interests of streamlining, we’ll leave the questions up to you here. treat this as your own ongoing panel and ask Tony and I anything you want about PAX.

Regarding podcasts, we DID record a show on Sunday night along with the hosts of The Married Gamers and Some Other Castle, but there was a catastrophic technical foul-up and we lost the whole thing. Plans are afoot to do a long-distance, multi-host Skype session this week and bring that fantastic evening back for our deserving listeners because it really was excellent stuff and we want to share it with you.

Meantime check out Platform Nation (who were an absolute pleasure to meet with) in the next few days there should be the recording of a live podcast Tony and I hosted on Sunday afternoon at PAX with several walk-in guests and co-hosts. It was nerve-wracking stuff because we’d never recorded live (or indeed next to one another) but I think it was also a great show.It should be called PN @ PAX 09 Sunday’s Live Show Recap.

It’s great to be back, but we’re also going to miss everyone we met, some people especially.

OK now DC listeners can make with the questions.

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