Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Fracture

Fracture head

Ever played a generic shooter? Like one you can’t distinguish from another shooter. Any shooter to be exact, first person or third. Well, Fracture is the definition of generic. All it really has to offer is people to kill and a giant gun that can lower or raise terrain. It makes giant craters with the left trigger and raises the dirt with the right trigger. That’s it, that’s all it has to defend itself from its label of ‘generic’ . Weak. I’ve ripped a lot of games a new one but this one is special. What it does is show everyone how it’s done wrong. Oh so wrong.

By rising waters, caused by global warming (OH SNAP CURRENT AFFAIRS RELATION!), America is split into two. The Pacific and the Atlantic, somehow they end up having a big giant civil war. The Pacific is trying to change the human genome and the Atlantic side is trying to bring about new technology. A deep, political plot like this actually, in my opinion, some huge potential. If told right. But, in case you forgot already, Fracture is generic and thus doesn’t have an intelligent plot, an intelligent narrative or intelligent developers. Want to know how stupid it is? The Pacific civilians are name Pacificians. There, game ruined.

Fracture screen 1

I often go into detail about the plot, and comment on some of the things. But let me actually instead go into detail about what makes this game ‘generic’. First off, the main character. You play, laughing imminent, Jet Brodi, laugh now, a.. guy? He looks like a cross between Balder from Too Human, Hale from Resistance and the guy from Red Faction Guerilla. Secondly, a deep political plot isn’t really taken seriously when your main weapon can raise the ground at the click of a button. Finally, who in the right mind would actually spend $60/£40. Honestly?

I’m being too harsh. Fracture isn’t awful, it’s not boring, it’s just MEH. Games which are bad, I can have fun actually playing it, nitpicking it until it bleeds polygons. Games which are good, I can have fun dictating everything that makes it sparkle and shine. But games like Fracture, they just make me want to vomit. There’s nothing really standout in the whole title, except the big flashy gimmicky terrain gun. There’s multiplayer too, surprise! But I’ll actually admit that the terrain gun works quite well into it, there’s even an ‘excavation’ mode which is quite fun.

Fracture screen 1

I’m still being too harsh. You’ll genuinely have some fun with this game, the campaign is length and, somehow, the terrain modifier never gets old. In a long winding tunnel, firing a blue ball into the ground beneath the enemy’s feet and seeing them fall on to the ground as it raises their bodies straight into the ceiling. Crushing them. Never gets old. Although, the enemy will probably just stand still because on most occasions, they will just stop registering that you’re there. Happens with boss fights too, I actually reset the final level just to replay the REAL boss fight.

So, can I recommend Fracture? No, not at all, you’ll have fun with it but you’ll have gripes. There are games which are chocolate flavored, yummy. There a games which are minty flavored, yuck. But there are also just games that are ice cream cones. Doesn’t change anything, your brain being unfrozen or frozen, but it will just fill you up. Fracture is one of those games, maybe even a little dip of chocolate sauce around the cone too. That would be the terrain modifier. Maybe even some sprinkles, that would be the weapons… but mush it all up and grind it into powder. That’s the plot. A ice cream nobody wants anymore.

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