Darkest of Days Review

Game Review: Darkest of Days
Release: 9-10-2009
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: 8Monkey Labs/Third Wave Games
Available Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
Players: 1
MSRP: $49.99
ESRB Rating: M

Darkest of Days is a game set into the future where time travel has finally been achieved. Time travel has provided scientists and humanity with invaluable information as they carefully observe, but not interfere in our history. Now it seems that the creator of time travel is actually lost somewhere in time and something is causing strange anomalies in time that may cause the fabric of space to tear apart. So in an effort to handle these situations they recruit you, a soldier whom was supposed to die at the battle of little big horn. Right before your death they pull you into the future and tell you what you need to do to be humanities hero.


As our games hero your job is to travel to different crucial periods in time to either save or kill certain individuals whom are not supposed to be there. First person game play with a mix of both old world and future weapons.

If I have to find one thing this game does right is, well the creators of this game sure had a good idea for a game, oh and they have created the perfect example of what NOT to do in a game. There are no fun moments in game play you often walk for what seems like long periods of time before you do anything, Bungie did it right with the 30 seconds of fun, explore, rinse and repeat. Any conflicts that happen in the game prove to be confusing as enemies scurry around like cockroaches, and the controls for aiming are sub par at best. Hit detection is very loose as you never really feel like you do anything. It’s more like ill shoot, and “Maybe” I’ll hit something, I hope I do?” Even the guns you use feel very floaty and have no real weight to them, any little extras set to immerse you into the experience also prove to be a hindrance for example. Early into the game you need to put on a gas mask to get around, and when the mash is on the interior of the mask takes up the whole screen and you only look out of the two holes that are located in the upper right hand side of the screen. This actually left me disoriented and frustrated. The voice acting is as good as any CPR instructional video, and the story characters have about as much personality as a rock. Even the menu and start screen design is absolutely lazy, I do not think I have ever started the game, and knew I was going to be in trouble just from the graphical interface, until now.  I cannot say these are the worst graphics I have ever seen, and at certain moments it actually looks o.k., but since overall the game is so bad it would be like getting excited because you found a whole peanut in a pile of poop. One thing you will notice is an actual lack of any type multiplayer, so the whole intent was for an engrossing single player experience.


In an effort to spare our readers by saying what can be done to improve this game, I’m just going to ask 8Monkey Labs/Third Wave Games…why? As game developers you HAD to know your game was bad. Nothing about this game is good, this HAS to be the worst game I have ever played, no joke. I’m sorry, but the fact that this is a retail game with no multiplayer, your single player experience should have at least been somewhat substantial.  I know games are not easy to make but this honestly feels like they didn’t even care about what they were making.


Final say:

do not buy this game, ever, not if it’s used, not for your worst enemy. If it comes in the mail, send it back. I have to be honest I play a lot of bad games and love them, but there is no excuse for this game, none.

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  • Andrew C

    I can appreciate your opinion of a bad game, but if you are going to bash a game that many people worked very hard at, you need to be able to say why its so bad. Just saying its bad is doing an injustice to the developers.

  • Your Right Andrew I revised my review a bit thanks.

  • I agree with Andrew

  • Helen

    Boy, we must’ve been playing completely different games. I thought this game was fun, had an engaging storyline, and I loved shooting the futuristic weapons at the civil war guys and the old romans. It isn’t a 10/10, but it definitely isn’t as bad as the reviewer is saying. I got my money’s worth out of it for sure, and I think I’ll try it again on Hard mode (which isn’t something I do for a lot of games). I had no problems aiming or hitting enemies…I hit exactly what I was aiming at. And I hate reviews that knock a game for not having multiplayer. This game was designed as a single player experience, don’t take away from it because it’s missing something that doesn’t affect the game (as it was designed). I would give this game a 7.5 or 8 out of 10.

  • Helen COD world at war was an 8 out of 10. This game is no COD, also if you really read the review I was not knocking the game because it had no multi-player, I was saying without multi-player the single player mode should have been way better.

  • so I checked metacritic to see what the consensus was on Darkest of Days and to see if Gui J might be off but it turns out he really wasn’t.

  • Unhappy for the huge analyze, but I’m really adoring the new Zune, and plan this, as healthy as the fantabulous reviews many people possess scripted, testament aid you decide if it’s the just selection for you.

  • Personally, I thought this game was pretty good for $20.I really liked the storyline, but the game definitly feels unpolished, and the AI is a bit crap but the game does a good job rendering many npc’s on screen without a preformance hit. However I strongly disagree about your complaint about muliplayer. While it would have been awesome, the lack of it is not a determental factor to the game. For $20, this game is a good buy (I would give it a 6/10). Also just to note I have been using the PC version.