Digital Cowboys : Episode 121

DC 121

The Final Word on PAX 09

This is a full look back on our PAX experience and we’ve brought in Chris and Kelly Brown The Married Gamers who were there with us. We talk about a boat-load of upcoming top titles that we got to play and then pick over our favorite memories.

As of next week we’ll return to normal with a Game Club episode focusing on Batman: Arkham Asylum. There will still be plenty of interviews and articles about what we saw at PAX on the website. Also a ton of swag needs to be given away to our lucky listeners starting with one particularly rare item we’re offering up on tonight’s show.

Many thanks to Chris, Kelly, Elaine, Edie, Kevin, both Dan’s Steve, Bobby, Mike, the Gamer’s Pub and everyone else we met out there and to Lizz and Paul for their unending patience with what was essentially two kids in their own personal candy store.

Roll on PAX 10.

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