Zune HD Promotional Video


The new Zune HD by Microsoft is going to make it’s debut September 15th and there really hasn’t been much hype about the new portable media player.  For one I thought they would put a lot of emphasis into the fact that you will be able to games such as Forza 3 Motorsport on their new player.  Zune has been trying to catch up with Apple’s iPod for some time and I feel Microsoft may be a little to late and to far behind to catch up with the iPod.  The Zune HD is making headway but does it really have what it takes to become the premier portable media device?

Here’s a short video that shows some of the new features Zune fans have to look forward to.  Also on a side note if you are a Zune owner Zune’s Marketplace will be down starting today at 11am PDT until the early hours of September 15th in preparation of the new software release.

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