Dexter The Game


Dexter The Game is based on the Showtime television series and is set to follow Season One’s plot.   You play as Dexter Morgan a serial killer that by day works as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, but at night is where he delivers justice on criminals that deserve to die.

The game  produced by Marc Ecko Entertainment is available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  Dexter is available right now at the App Store and retails for $5.99 and is said to have some of the most impressive graphics seen on the iPhone/iPod Touch and will allow you to chose from multiple controls form tilt to move to dual “thumbsticks” and multi- touch.

Just a  side note for Dexter fans every purchase of the game includes a chance to win a walk on role in season five of the Dexter TV show, lunch with one of the shows writers or one of the instant prizes that are available.  Just click on the link above for more details about the prizes up for grabs.

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