Having Your Gamer Cake And Eating It Too

The headline may be misleading as you first start reading you might be thinking what is he saying.  Keep reading we will dive deeper into the whole idea of what “gamer cake” really is. It is not anything to do with food or an actual cake that you can actually eat sorry if your mouth is already watering. If you are a gamer continue reading because if anything you will be happy to see that the “cake is not a lie” it is real and you can have a bite. So grab your forks a full glass of milk and take a trip with me into the table of the collector’s edition Games.

Games used to be just that games there was nothing too special about them you spent your hard earned money and went on your merry way. It was hard to feel cheated because no matter if you went to Jimmy’s house or Jhonny’s 3 blocks down the street they all had the same games. Slowly as the years passed though much has changed for the face of game collectors. Cd’s and Dvd’s have had the glory of having special editions for collectors wanting something more for their money. Time rolled on and game companies finally saw the need to jump on the band wagon giving fans what they wanted and needed. So finally gamers were seeing the light of the collectors edition or the “gamers cake” with some sweet frosting.

It is not every game that has a collectors edition but multiple games have come with some form of a higher end price tag. Look at Batman Arkham Asylum for example you have the regular plain jane game or spend a bit more and get the exclusive game with a Bat-a-rang. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 another great example there are three different games but all with different prices. You start with your basic game at 60 dollars respectively next we jump 20 dollars to an 80 dollar hardened edition that includes a steel case plus some artwork. Last but not least you have the granddaddy of them all the prestige edition that will hit your wallet for a whopping 150 dollars but includes night vision goggles just what any 5 year old needs. Collector edition games seem to have slowly creep there way onto at least one non-collectors shelf because of the good old !!!!OH SHINY!!!! factor.

Here we have an example of a collectors edition game it includes the game, art book, charecter from the game and a special code for a weapons skin:

Collector's Edition

In the end it is up to the gamer or his/her parents depending on the age if they want to cough up the extra dollars to be the cool kid on the block. Though in months after the game gets to be dusty the set goes on some auction site for the next person to buy. It seems that the “gamers cake” is sweet no matter if it is a day old or has been sitting on a shelf in a home for months. So depending on if you spend the money up front or wait a month the sweet taste of an expensive toy can ultimately be yours.

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