Be All You Can Be, while still sitting on your duff!


Any questions as to if Platform Nation is a pacifist country can now be put to rest.  We are in the process of recruiting an army, and you can join up by snagging one of  the 128 MAG beta codes Sony has provided us with.  Here at The Target Demographic, we’ll be giving out 10 codes.

Like any war, this contest will be fought on multiple fronts.  Here is how you can win:

  • Call our voicemail (559-892-1671) and leave your best impression of a pissed off military commander, demanding we fall in line and provide you a code.  You can also try to leave a message kissing up, although I can’t imagine you could do both in the same call…
  • Follow us at on twitter @tdpodcast. Depending on our mood, we will send some love your way. We even promise to not replace any characters with wild-cards, because that is douchestastic*.
  • Listen to our next episode (Episode 074) and we will say a few codes out loud. First heard, first served. No one said war was fair.
  • Surprise us on PSN. Don’t know our PSN IDs? Click Here.
  • Send an email to [email protected] with an outline of your battle plans.  Feel free to be as serious or as not serious as you want.  Just don’t suck.

Not enough for you?  Good, it is a sign of a warrior to not be satisfied.  May we suggest that you check out the other Platform Nation shows?  Also be sure to follow Platform Nation on Twitter @platform_nation as there is always something good going on there.

*it’s a word.

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