Hangout With Your Games Out

Scenario Start: Your money is burning a hole in your pocket but you can’t decide what to get Dirt 2, the demo didn’t let you down or Need For Speed Shift. Your mind is at war either route you take leads to a game you will be proud to say you added to the halls of racing games. Review after review calls both games out as one of the top racing games of all time both series have done well in the past making your choice much harder. So where do you go from here.  While the first place would be to the nearest video rental store which is two miles away but your car is just freshly out of gas. What is a poor gamer to do when videos only offer so much insight into a certain game you are salivating to play.

Sites like Ustream, Justintv and stickam have always been there offering a home for everyone to stream what they would like. Though not a horrible thing it was never meant for gamers or geared heavy towards one group. So your great Halo 3 frag may be overshadowed by a cute fluffy puppy or the not so cute Jonas Brothers. Fans start dropping like fly’s because the sight lags so bad it looks like 8-bit all over again. On top of this the quality of your video resembles a chopped up grind house experience that can’t end soon enough. Not to mention 10 out of your 15 viewers are just there to troll and have no real interest in gaming or what you are playing. You feel alone in the world of the people casting on the site other then the handful of gamers that have banded together for a hold out.

What if a gamer came along to make a site to stream your video games and talk to other gamers that became your best friends? What if the owner actually cared about the community and how the site was growing? Sound too god to be true no longer is that the case a site like this has emerged from somewhere deep in the Internet. It was almost too long coming but someone took the time and money to actually care what the video game community had to say. Tappedout the owner of Ufrag is the founder he is one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet. Best of all though is he is actually there for you not sitting on the sidelines watching as the site crumbles around him. Fixes and updates are always brought to the community, some even being implemented and thought out by someone in a chat room.


Ufrag is heading into a new age for gamers they want more gamers along to experience and enjoy the ride. Broadcasting has never been this easy when everything you need as far as a broadcaster in download form is provided. Streams are for the most part lag free with high quality feeds of some of today’s hottest games with some classics sprinkled in. Streams run in crisp near Hd format all for your viewing pleasure.  Also with Ufrag you get live coverage from some of the hottest gaming expos such as E3, PAX with many more being added to the line up. You are the host as questions are asked by the chat and answered by the stars on the expo floors. Not only live conventions but also live gaming tournaments hosted by the likes of Dj Wheat and many others.

Really the only way to experience Ufrag is by going and checking out the site at don’t forget to sign up to be part of the community. Games come live to you right through your computer all while being able to talk to some great community members. Not only do you get great gaming and great friends but at times get to be part of great swag giveaways from today’s top game companies. So what are you waiting for stop reading and get going!!!!

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  • Awesome piece 😛 Ty for getting UFragTV on the map, even more to come!!

  • Thanks for the link. Until now I had never heard of Ufrag.