Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Patch Goes Live Sept 21


I understand that many of you have finished Mass Effect and are anxiously awaiting Mass Effect 2. I also understand that many of you heard horrible things about the final (and long overdue) piece of DLC called Pinnacle Station. I’ll agree that it wasn’t the greatest piece of DLC ever created, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. While I’d like to go deeper into why I like Pinnacle Station, this isn’t a review.

I personally own the Platinum Hits (Classics for you Europeans) copy of Mass Effect that is accompanied by the first piece of DLC, Bring Down the Sky. Bring Down the Sky comes on a second disc which is used to install the extra module. This presents a problem when trying to play Pinnacle Station. Basically, if you try to use the Platinum Hits copy of Mass Effect with the BDtS from the Platinum Hits installation disc, Pinnacle Station, although installed onto your hard drive, will not be playable. However, if you use the Games on Demand version of Mass Effect with the Platinum Hits version of BDtS and Pinnacle Station, the game plays properly. Also, if you purchase BDtS from XBLM for 800 MS Points instead of the Platinum Hits BDtS installed from the disc, Pinnacle Station is playable. I apologize if that sounds incredibly complicated. At any rate, none of those ‘quick fixes’ is free. There were many of us that purchased Pinnacle Station and were unable to play both Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station were extremely frustrated by this.

If you would like more information on the issue, please visit the BioWare forums and Mr. Jack Lamden of Quality Assurance has an explanation. The fix for the issue has passed certification with Microsoft and will be available as an automatic update on September 21.

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