This Humpdate: A Little Late, a Lot Awesome

You will have your latest Humpdate in one hour.

In that Humpdate there will be a special announcement. You see, the Platform Nation podcasts have 128 c#odes for the M#AG b#eta, and we are giving away 10 of them. Why am I adding hashtags? Because we all know that there are currently a metric geekton of people Googling their little hearts out looking for someone giving these away.

And these should go to you, our fans who keep us doing this twice a week through sickness, personal crises, and poverty. We rarely ask anything of you because, quite honestly, your emails, your voice mails and the gift of your time listening to us is more than enough.

We want to say thank you to you, Mr. Podcast Listener, because we think you’re real men (and women) of genius. So check out this week’s Humpdate (9-16-09), and hopefully you’ll get one of the 10 codes.

Want more details? Check out this post on the Platform Nation website. More than one way to get some love.

UPDATE: As of 11:19 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, we have nine c#o*d*e^s left. We’re disabling comments on this post, as it seems that the Google trawlers are in full force and, surprisingly, appear to think that asking in comments is how to get one. Fortunately, you GameHounds fans are smarter than that.