Uncharted 2 to Link With Twitter

The screen shown above, taken from Uncharted 2 shows that the game will feature integration with twitter.
This feature will allow the game to automatically update the player’s twitter account as they progress through the game and perform certain tasks within the gam, such as:

  • When connecting to multiplayer
  • When a cinema file is uploaded
  • When a chapter is completed
  • When earning multiplayer money
  • When earning trophies
  • When reaching a level milestone
  • I love twitter, and I tweet billions of times a day, but that is beside the point, although this is a new idea, and you can’t put Naughty Dog down for including this in the game, but will anyone actually use it? Personally I won’t, it is things like Raptr, a social networking site based around video games, that help to flood twitter with pointless updates I care less about than if someone told me what their morning poo smelt like.   Because of this I can’t exactly see twitter integration in video games working that well, and if more developers started to use things like that, whilst it may be helpful, I would be very sad to see my Twitter timeline get filled up minute after minute with automated and emotionless tweets about what my friend has done in every video game they play.

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    • halowars7

      Awesome!…has any1 played the beta of this?…Cause i have and it’s AMAZING…i highly recommend it 🙂