Zune Software Problems

zune-logoAs we all know by now Microsoft has released it’s newest Zune the Zune HD, and with a new device comes new software updates.   Zune 4.0 was released the same day as the Zune HD, but what if you wanted to keep your old Zune just to see what all the hype was about before buying the HD?  Well first you would update the software to get you started in the right direction and to see what your old Zune will be capable of doing new if anything.  That would happen in a perfect world of Microsoft right.  What I am about to tell you is a first hand experience and I want to pass on the information to you so maybe you wouldn’t be so hesitant to call Zune.

I no longer own a Zune, but one of my family members still does and he downloaded the new software from and when it came time to sign in he needed my permission (due to being a minor) to continue, but every time I would place my information into the appropriate spots and hit continue I would get an error code of C101A1FC.  So after getting this error message numerous time I went to the web to see if anyone else encountered this same error.  I couldn’t find anyone.  So what’s my next step?  That’s right making that dreaded phone call to Zune.  After waiting for a few minutes I was connected with Michael (last name withheld at his request, but I do have his permission to use what he told me during our conversation) a cheery man that was willing to help with the problem I was encountering.  I described to him in detail what had happened and he could not find this error code anywhere.  So by now I am thinking what is my next step.  Well Michael ensured he would find an answer.  So he started asking a barrage of question from what Zune we where using to what browser was open on our PC.  Come to find out does not play well with FireFox and you must use IE to do the update or this error will occur.

So great everything worked out and the Zune was updated, but during the whole process  Michael and I where conversing and I asked him a few question that I would like to pass on to you.

Scott:  Are you guys experiencing a lot of problems with the new software?

Michael: We are as it is new and a lot still needs to be worked out.  We are finding more problems by the hour.

Scott: Does Microsoft have a solution for the software problems?

Michael: They do and when customers call in with problems we try to resolve the issue and pass it along.

Scott: So then why did it take us 45 minutes to figure out my problem?

Michael: Because this was a new code you presented us with and we had no fix until now.

Scott: To be honest I switched to Apple two months ago after my Zune froze up twice in a month and I had to send it back to be replaced.  I just was fed up with the whole thing.

Michael: Sometimes that happens as there could have been something wrong with the hardware.

Scott:  So would you buy a Zune HD?

Michael: Yes, but I would wait for at least six months as with any new product just to see if there is any problems with the player itself.

Michael went on to add that a lot of the software issues can not be solved unless the consumer calls in to let Zune know what issues they are having. When asked about new games coming to the Zune.  He stated that there would be a few new games coming to the Zune, but not many as the Zune HD because the HD will make use of the touch screen as it no longer has the three buttons on the front.  So what is the moral of the story.  If you are getting error codes during anytime while installing the software or updating your old Zune, to getting you new Zune HD up and running let customer service over at Zune .net help, because your error code may help the next person and hopefully save them sometime on the phone.

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  • shannon

    Almost all microsoft software updates require you use IE.

    Sounds less like a software problem and more like you just got an inexperienced tech on the phone.

  • This is the first time we actually used IE for the Zune updates we have never had an issue until the 4.0

  • Mike

    I tried downloading a song today. Download failed. Error C00D12F6. Zune nevertheless charged my account 99c even though download failed. (The downloading, producing the error message, charging my account, is all done by the same software.)

    Called Zune.

    On hold for 25 minutes. Finally, answered.

    Zune: Thank you for calling Zune, …

    Me: I purchased a song about 20 minutes ago. It’s not in my collection.

    Zune: Well, let me take a look …

    We try various things together. Takes another 20 minutes …

    Zune: Well, you have to update the Zune software to the latest version.

    We try updating, another 10 minutes .. I get the error “Windows needs updating”.

    Zune: You have to update Windows.

    Me: I can’t. I have other software running on this system. Then, that will not work.

    Zune: There is no other way. You must update Windows first.

    Me: That’s fine. Just refund the 99c for the song that I can’t download anyway.

    Zune: I can’t do that.

    Me: Fine. Can I talk with the supervisor ?

    Zune: Can’t do that either. The suprevisor has no more information than I do.

    More conversation … I tried to convience Zune that updating the operating itself is not that simple … Another 20 minutes pass in this conversation.

    Zune: Uninstall Zune from this computer. Install the new version on another computer.

    Me: What’s the guarantee that Zune would later not require an update on that computer either ?

    Zune: SILENCE

    Me: That’s fine. Just notate my account that 1. I called with a download problem. I was charged despite Zune found an error downloading the song. 2. You refused to give me credit. 3. You refused to allow me to talk with a supervisor.

    Zune: Notated so. Do you still want to talk with the supervisor.

    Me: No, you already told me I couldn’t before. We wasted a lot of time because of that.

    Zune: Here is the case number. Case #

    Status: Still unresolved. Zune kept my 99 cents without giving me the song. I may just start buing music from another outfit. That outfit may also do some boo-boo. But, I am hoping that they will at least have a strategy to back out if they made a boo-boo.

    Message to Zune:

    1. 99 cents is not important. 99 cents multiplied by several users is important.

    2. Any Zune upgrade you create must work with all versions of Windows out there. This stipulation applies to makers of all software products. Why should it not apply to products made by Microsoft ?

    3. If a boo-boo is made, quickly create another version that will solve the problem, instead of forcing customer service to say things like, “No, refund”, “Too bad you couldn’t download, we keep your money anyway”, “No supervisor”, …