Superman/Batman Public Enemies

Besides the amazing Dark Knight, Marvel seems to be beating their rival, DC, at the theaters. Iron Man was great, Hulk was fun and Marvel’s future looks bright, with Iron Man II, Thor, Captain America, and Avengers movies announced for the coming years. While Marvel wins the theater battle, DC is still making great products for a smaller screen.


DC has been making awesome animated, straight to DVD and Blu-Ray movies. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern:First Flight were great and a very good introduction to those characters for new fans. The best of these DC animated movies have been based on classic story arcs. Superman vs. Doomsday shows the fatal showdown between Krypton’s last son, Superman, and the near unstoppable killing machine, Doomsday. Justice League: The New Frontier is the best of the series and should be on your Netflix queues now if you haven’t seen it.

DC’s newest animated movie is Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. The story arc in the comics is great. Lex Luthor has been elected president of the United States, and uses his power to pit Superman and Batman against both villians and heroes. The movie will be on DVD,Blu-Ray, and On Demand on 09/29/09 and I will be putting that sweet Blu-Ray into my PS3 as soon as possible.

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