Trojan PSP


The gaming industry is in a constant state of flux and it has been since it’s inception. The video game medium is still a baby when compared to other forms of entertainment but gaming has made up for that by growing at a blinding rate. From Pong and 8 bits to God of War III and 1080p in the blink of an eye. Modern gaming is immensely different from the beginning of video games and in a few years we will be looking back and seeing an even bigger gap. There are many, many things that are glimpses into the future of gaming and how different it will be very soon. The PSPgo is a small glance at how gamers will get their hobby in the future and not many people seem to notice.

The PSPgo may have been mis-priced, at least thats my opinion, and still only have one analog nub, but it is still an important step for gaming as a whole. The PSPgo has no UMD drive which means that all of the games you will play on the little portable device will be downloaded from the internet. This may not seem like a big step. You can download games onto your Xbox 360, PS3, PC, even the DS is starting to have downloadable games. The difference between those and the PSPgo is that there is no other option for the PSPgo. It is all or nothing. Sony is pushing forward the future of digital distribution using its little portable device and it seems like it is going under the radar of a lot of people, especially retailers. Sony, despite many marketing blunders, has been very smart with the little PSPgo.


Sony will continue to sell PSP games in retailers and the PSN store because the original PSP can still play UMDs. That means that PSP games aren’t suddenly 100% digital. But what do retailers think will happen with the PSP2? The PSP2 will most likely take the torch of digital only and keep it going, which means retailers lose all of the business of selling future PSP2 games. The PSPgo may just be a redesign of the PSP right now, but it shows how gaming companies will soon be selling all of their games.

Now of course, the industry will not move completely towards digital distribution until the people buying the games are ready for it. But the PSPgo shows that the gaming companies want to get to that future ASAP and many gamers want to go with them.

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