‘District 9’ Banned in Nigeria


Even though the movie ‘District 9’ takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, that wasn’t good enough for Nigeria. The Peter-Jackson-produced film has been banned from showing in the equatorial African nation.

Source: Nigerian officials: ‘District 9’ not welcome here – MSN Movies News

Of course, I guess I can understand Nigeria’s beef with the movie, given the statement released by Nigeria’s Information Minister, Dora Akunyili: the film portrays Nigerians as gangsters and cannibals. Nigerian officials ‘have written to … Sony Entertainment, expressing [their] displeasure and demanded an apology. [They] have asked that the areas where Nigeria … are mentioned [to] be edited from the film.’

Honestly, I wish the people would stop taking film so seriously. While D-9 is shot from the vantage point of a documentary, it is anything but. D-9 is a FICTIONAL film. Stow the political correctness for a couple of hours and just enjoy an awesome Sci-fi flick, please?

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  • george

    Hey, I just saw d film last nite and I must say it was preety awsome. But, I can understand why the nigerian gov feel that way cus I’m nigerian myself. Aldo its a fictional film, u cnt help but tink we r potrayed negatively. As at now nigerians are already seen as fraudsters and its d media that keeps pushin dis image.
    I’m not sayin dia rnt nigerians who do fraud but not all of us. Com on, which country is clean as white in d world