Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Eye of Judgment

Eye of Judgment head

Okay this is a toughie, like one of the tough nuts that even Albert Einstein would never have been able to explain. It’s one of those gimmick games, you know, like ummm the entire Nintendo Wii? Joke. I kid. But the Wii still has a gimmick, which is the blood of the system, motion control. It works well, but it’s still a gimmick. I went on and on about this last week so I don’t need to explain what I feel about gimmicks. Let’s get straight to this tough nut. Actually, before we start, let me explain something. The Eye of Judgment is a Game That Barely Anyone Can Actually Play…. no that’s not a new column.

EoJ (Ee-Hodge) was a game that came out way before the PS3 came out (2 years after the PS3’s release), it came with the PSeye camera. The PSeye camera would be released separately from the game just 3 months later, but we weren’t told that until one month after Ee-Hodge came out. We all figured you had to spend £60/$1,000,000 just to get the PSeye. I was one of the 20,000 in the world to buy this game, and I want my money back. Not out of disappointment, not out of spite and not out of being a n00b. I want my money back simply because the game doesn’t work. It works as in it plays, but doesn’t work as in works…. know what I mean?

Eye of Judgement screen 1

It’s a huge hassle to set up. It took me twenty minutes tops to find a small coffee table to play this thing on. Then you have to align your camera properly around the folded board, and even then… ugh. This is more of a game to play with games, there’s no fun at all playing alone or online (couldn’t find anyone anyway), so you’ll have to fumble around for another twenty minutes to set your game up. Then you have to set your cards up, set your rules up, set your powers up, set everything up. All the while that camera stand keeps taunting you, just edging towards falling over and ruining everything.

I’ve not even mentioned how to play this thing or the plot, why? Because there’s no explanation for either, it’s like World of Warcraft or any card game to be exact. You need to play it and be taught it to understand it, but this is a goddamn video-game and not an RPG. If it was an RPG, then fine, teach me the ways of how to do everything. But this is a gimmicky card-game in virtual world, which looks alright but doesn’t really do anything for itself, I don’t want to learn a guide book to tell me how to do everything. Since I’m also playing with friends, it’s also hard to explain it to people and essentially become a wasted night. Unless you pop out Jenga. That’s what I did anyway, no joke.

There’s a video to enlighten you on how to play it, and if you understand that, then you’re either really into card games or mentally unstable. Maybe both? I told you it’s a tough nut to review and it’s an even tougher nut to even play. You’ll constantly have to check back at the manual, fumble with the camera when it doesn’t recognize your cards, set up a new game and sometimes even just actually bother to play. When I’m with friends, I just want to hang out and play video-games, usually you can have fun with teamwork and also just have a laugh in the gameworld. Too bad you can’t do it with this.

The main problem with Eye of Judgment is the gimmick. It’s a card game… but on the PS3! Why not just go to the shops, buy a card set and play poker or any other card games with your friends. Much more enjoyable, cheaper and probably more environmentally friendly… somehow. I still have my Eye of Judgment equipment and if you want to actually try out this thing, then you’re welcome to buy it off me. Say… £60/$1,000,000? I’ll autograph and even through in the strategy guide… although I’ll have to ship the guide by Aircraft Carrier.

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