World of Workout: Weeks Five and Six

exerciseMan, this game is crazy-addictive.  I realized that I never wrote up my article for last week, because I’ve been otherwise occupied by the allure of “just one more quest.”  Week five was great!  Week six, not so much.  Week seven is almost over, and includes some big changes for this workout deal.

I reached my lowest point recently, realizing that the bike isn’t sustainable, and I gained about three pounds back.  After consulting with internet weight-loss experts (also known as Wikipedia), I know now that I need to keep adding more to the routine every 5-6 weeks.

So, it’s no longer just going to be about World of Warcraft.  Wii Sports and DDR will also be joining the routine.  I also finally got around to buying a pair of kettlebells, and will be making another trip to get a heavier one when I work up to it.    All of this is on top of me making the ultimate geek sacrifice for my health.  As of this week, I have quit caffeine, cold turkey.The first day was the worst.  It wasn’t a day-off from the biking, and I had absolutely no drive, desire or motivation to do an hour on the bike with a painful debuff like a migraine.  Somehow, I did it.  Still not sure how, as I barely remember Monday at all.  Anyway, I immediately saw results of losing a pound and a half over the next two days.  I am now exclusively drinking water.  Sorry, World of Warcraft Game Fuel, you aren’t for everybody (or for that matter, anybody with taste buds).

I’m sort of at a plateau at the moment, but with the new additions of the routine, I’m excited to keep going.  Or maybe that’s just delirium caused by caffeine withdrawal and lowering my calories.

In-game, I’m actually starting to get really hooked.  I’m currently sitting pretty at level 45 and really looking forward to the late-game content (I want to fly, dang it!).  The Sweaty Nerds guild is down in membership, but the few who are left are still sweaty, and still nerds.  Anyone who wants to join us is welcome (we play Horde on Sentinels).  I only have two rules for the guild.

1) Find some way to exercise during, or related to your gaming.  I don’t care what it is, just do something while you play.

2) Don’t be a dick.

My routine is a little extreme for the average gamer, but it’s definitely showing results thus far.  I play the game on an exercise bike, and shoot for at least 60 minutes of biking per day.  I also do a baseline of ten pushups, with an additional five for each quest I turn in.  Starting this week, I’ll be adding kettlebell swings for skill-ups.  I haven’t worked out a firm number yet.  I also track all my walking activity with a pedometer, and shoot for a twenty-minute walk each evening after my workout.

Here’s my wrap-up of the last two weeks.

Week 5

Day One – 8/31/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 55 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 10429 Steps | Character Level: 33

Today is the day that I start making all my own food, and only eat out once per week (down from 4-5).  I’m hoping that it’s going to make a difference, because I’m lazy.  I did my first battlegrounds matches tonight, and had a lot of fun.  I can definitely see myself doing that more often.  I made 119 kills over two matches.  Not too bad for a nOOb.

Day Two – 9/1/2009

Weigh in – 210.8 lbs. | 15 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 5973 Steps | Character Level: 33

Turned the resistance up all the way on the bike for tonight’s workout.  It was brutal.  Ran through a dungeon with the Sweaty Nerds tonight–Wailing Cavern.  Had a lot of fun, but utterly exhausted.

Day Three – 9/2/2009

Weigh in – 212.0 lbs. | 8701 Steps | Character Level: 33

Starting this week, I’m going to be taking every Wednesday off.  My knee can’t take doing the bike every day, so I will work in some days off.  I’m considering adding something different for the off days, but as of right now, I just need a few off-days.

Day Four – 9/3/2009

Weigh in – 211.8 lbs. | 40 Pushups | 90 Min Biking | 4714 Steps | Character Level: 34

Finally hit level 34 after a week or so at level 33.  I was weak today and drank coffee after two weeks of just tea, and my weight is showing it.  I’m going to have to quit one of these weeks to sustain my weight loss.  Meh.

Day Five – 9/4/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 40 Pushups | 80 Min Biking | 6394 Steps | Character Level: 34

I did a couple more Battlegrounds matches, so I added in some extra pushups.  Had a lot of fun today, and the diet hasn’t been too bad.  The wife has been making some tasty meals.

Day Six – 9/5/2009

Weigh in – 210.2 lbs. | 55 Pushups | 2.5 hours Biking | 6835 Steps | Character Level: 36

Gained two levels today!  I explored most of the areas that I won’t instantly die by going in and picked up a bunch of flight paths.  Did my biking in the morning and in the evening in nearly-even chunks.  I think I’ll rest tomorrow, though.

Day Seven – 9/6/2009

Weigh in – 209.8 lbs. | Character Level: 36

I decided to not track steps on my days off as well, and it’s working out pretty well.  I can take a day off to not worry about anything exercise-related a couple of days per week, and it’s nice to not have to worry about it.  Didn’t get too much playing in today, but did go for a walk.  Had a family get-together where I was stuffed full of food and booze.

Week 6

Day One – 9/7/2009

Weigh in – 209.6 lbs. | 80 Pushups | 2 hours Biking | 2643 Steps | Character Level: 38

Hit level 38!  It was raining pretty hard all day, so not much walking.  Today was Labor Day in the US, so I had a day off work, and pretty much spent it working out, playing WoW and watching Mythbusters.  Not bad for a day off.

Day Two – 9/8/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 30 Pushups | 52 Min Biking | 8112 Steps | Character Level: 38

Today was hard.  I woke up sore all over and had a difficult time getting going at work.  One of the pedals fell off my bike at the tail-end of my workout, and I was honestly thankful that it had.  It took me about ten minutes, but I got the thing fixed.  Very glad to be taking a day off tomorrow.

Day Three – 9/9/2009

Weigh in – 210.4 lbs. | 30 Min Biking | 5660 Steps | Character Level:39

Today was a scheduled day off, but I did 30 minutes anyway while fishing.  I have no idea why, but fishing in WoW is really relaxing.

Day Four – 9/10/2009

Weigh in – 211.2 lbs. | 20 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 9496 Steps | Character Level: 39

I went to Northrend to do some cooking and fishing and got Master level in both of them.  Other than that, nothing too much exciting happened.  The hour on the bike isn’t very difficult anymore.  I’m not even breaking a sweat.

Day Five – 9/11/2009

Weigh in – 210.2 lbs. | 100 Pushups | 90 Min Biking | 8558 Steps | Character Level:40

I hit 40 and got a faster horse!  I was feeling pretty good this morning, so I decided to push myself.  Glad I did.

Day Six – 9/12/2009

Weigh in – 209.6 lbs. | 70 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 3268 Steps | Character Level:41

I spent most of my day exploring today, and decided that I was bored with Azeroth.  I made a run for the Dark Portal (and made it on my second try) and got all the way to Shattrath at a puny level 41.  I’m pretty proud of myself.

Day Seven – 9/13/2009

Character Level:41

It’s a day off.  No weigh-in, no bike, no pushups, no dieting, and only enough WoW to check on my auctions.  It was a great day to do other stuff.  I cleaned up the house a bit.

Well, that’s weeks 5 and 6.  Follow me on Twitter for daily updates, or join me in-game as Kalorie on Sentinels.

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