Xbox 360 Vs PS3 – Round 1


I have to admit that I was rather unhappy with Sony when they pushed back the launch of the PS3. So unhappy, in fact, that I sold my PS2, purchased an Xbox, and began a 5-year boycott of all of Sony’s products (TV’s, PC’s, cell phones, etc). With the demise of HD-DVD and BluRay ‘winning’ the latest physical medium battle, as well as my boiling hatred of Sony seemingly cooled, I’ve decided that a boycott seems silly. I can’t afford a PS3 even at $299 right now anyway. Besides, both consoles are now priced at an affordable level for the average consumer.

At any rate, I’m a big fan of tech reviewers that 1) know what they are talking about, 2) use actual demonstration as proof, and 3) utilize common sense when making judgements. That’s why I was very excited to find someone (or a group of people) that took the 2 ‘heavy hitters’ (sorry, Wii) from this generation of consoles and placed them on a level playing field. The guys and gals over at TechnoBuffalo are putting out a series of videos in the form of ’rounds’ as these 2 ‘price’-fighters are duking it out. This video was done recently, as there is footage of the DIRT2 demo and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Here is Round 1. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of TechnoBuffalo’s YouTube Channel

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  • Josh

    The PS3 is motion sensitive, pressure sensitive, rechargeable, rumbles, and has bluetooth (compatible with PSPgo). The man decides to award Microsoft with the better controller saying that he likes how it is larger, and that the joysticks are more stiff. This is bias, technologically, the PS3’s dualshock 3 is superior.

  • Last time I checked, BOTH controllers rumble (Sony just added that feature back b/c the launch PS3 dual-shocks DIDN’T rumble), so that’s a wash. 360 controller is more solid and feels more natural in the hands. I’ll agree that the PS3 controller is easier to recharge, but what happens when that battery exhausts its lifecycle? You have to BUY ANOTHER CONTROLLER. Also, I agree that Bluetooth is a better wireless connection. In the end, I think that he is giving a fair, common sense verdict on the controllers.