From The Game Grave: Tomba


Know who this little pink haired guy is or what game he came from? If not you were unfortunate to miss one of the better PlayStation 1 games in my eyes. Tomba was an adventure quest game released July 01, 1998 that was never well received until now that is. Game play, sound and the RPG attributes made this game come across as one of the greats for me. There was the main quests that lead you through the game but also side quests that helped Gain more AP or action points. You can always check out the official site for the game here also youtube has many videos of the game play.

Tomba 2 came out on December 31, 1999 unfortunately short after the games creator Whoopee Camp was shutdown and the creators went their own ways. Sadly with the closing of Whoopee Camp the game will never see a sequel unless another company picks up the franchise. It has been a game that will be pushed into the game grave all too early in my eyes. Lucky for the few fans of the game, copies are still floating around the net on sites like Ebay but prices are high to acquire a copy.

If this game ever had the chance to come out as a remake of the original or in disc form for the Playstation 3 it would be great for all the fans. Sony could also release it on the PSN at 6 dollars each and it would be worth the money to pick it up for a playthrough.

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