PS2 And Dreamcast Games Coming To PS3?

We all know that Sony isn’t exactly the best at keeping secrets, with the PSPGo and PS3 Slim being leaked way before any real announcement. Apparently it’s happened again but this time it isn’t a new ugly piece of hardware that nobody wants instead it’s a document that suggests the dream of many gamers may actually be coming true.

The document was “leaked” on a french gaming site, objectif-sega and it notes that “SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN” this suggests that the games will be sold via the PlayStation store just like PSone classics are currently being sold. The document which appears to be a list of notes from a meeting between Sega of America and Robert Dyer, Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America is dated from early August.

The notes mention an unspecified Sonic The Hedgehog game and GTA:Vice City as examples of games that will be released. The same document also mentions what appears to be downloadable Dreamcast titles for the PlayStation Network, the apparent meeting notes stated “If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.”

Whilst at a glance the idea may seem rather obscure, if you look into the facts a little deeper the possibility of the idea expands by a rather large amount, first off Sony said that PS2 disc based backwards compatibility will never be returning to the PS3, but by specifying “Disc Based” b/c leaves hope for downloadable games, as suggested in the leaked document. Secondly it would make sense for Sony to introduce this as selling PS2 games in the form of downloadable files which would be 100% pure profit and the latest sale figures show that PS2 games still sell quite a few copies. And last but not least it would also tie in nicely with Sony’s recent announcement to release the ‘God of War Collection’ which bundles the first two games in the series on a Blu-ray disc for the PS3.

Don’t get your hopes up as this is as un-likely as it is likely, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming and as an owner of the 40GB Ps3, which doesn’t include PS2 backwards compatibility I am seriously hoping this will come true as there are so many classic PS2 games I have been itching to play again that don’t seem to be very easy to get a hold of in the shops.

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  • Mike

    If it does happen, I’ll be pretty excited.

  • zack burnside

    Shadow of The Collosus!!! And Metal gear solid 2 and 3! I’ve been wanting to play them again for a while.

    • Robert_Padua

      Brothers! Resident Evil 4 I’ve been dying to play!!!

  • Dude thats gona be awesome!!