How To Convert Your Friend Into A Gamer


My girlfriend HATES video games. She LOATHES them. She calls them “kids’ toys”. She simply doesn’t understand how much of my life has been centered around them. In my childhood, living in the true ‘middle of nowhere’, my best friends’ names were Mario, Luigi, and Link. If you take away all of the gaming paraphernalia, the above picture strongly resembles me as a kid growing up. My reward for finishing my homework each night was that I could play my games. But I digress.

For those of you who need ideas on how to introduce your non-gaming friends to the wonderful world of gaming, take a look at the article from Chris Davidson over at

Source: Spreading the Love: How to Convert Your Friend into a Gamer

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  • Todd Rittel

    What in the fuck is the significance of my picture in this article/blog entry/whatever the hell you wanna call it?