Left 4 Dead DLC Out Sept. 29


Man, I can’t believe that Valve is putting out DLC for Left 4 Dead so close to the release of Left 4 Dead 2. It’s totally going to ruin the community for L4D2! It’s not even going to be any different than Left 4 Dead 1, they haven’t spent enough time on it! Boycott! Boycott! O, making fun of the L4D2 boy-cotters is old now, especially since two of the boycott leaders switched sides after playing L4D2? Well excuse me, how was I supposed to know? Fine, I will get on with the actual news.

For those gamers who want to have one last dance with Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis before Left 4 Dead 2 comes out, you can look forward to a new campaign to get your zombie bashing boogy on. The new L4D downloadable content is coming out Sept. 29. Titled Crash Course, the new DLC will tie the No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns together. Since the end of No Mercy has the four survivors, or which ever of the survivors are still alive, escaping a hospital rooftop in a helicopter, it isn’t hard to guess what the name Crash Course might refer to. PC gamers will get this new campaign for free while those of us on XBL will have to pay 7 dollars for the campaign.

via Joystiq

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